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Zoom Exosome IV Treatment

Exosome IV Treatment

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Unveil the power of our Exosome IV treatment, a meticulously crafted solution sourced from carefully vetted MSCs. Experience the transformative benefits of inflammation reduction and tissue regeneration.

Unlocking the Potential of Exosomes

Exosomes, the body's cellular messengers, take center stage in the communication and rejuvenation of our cells. Our Exosome therapy is a regenerative medical breakthrough, harnessing the innate power of these messengers to catalyze the body's natural healing processes. Watch as inflammation is curbed, and tissue repair is promoted, all while rejuvenating your overall well-being.

* Please discuss add-on options with your nurse.

Arginine HCL




Hydroxocobalamin (B12)

Magnesium Chloride 



Ml Thiamine HCL 

Vitamin B Complex

Zinc (as Chloride) 10 mg/mL

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